20 Greatest Hits from the G20

6th December 2018

Here is a breakdown of all the greatest hits from the G20: the issues that matter most for Argentina and the major breakthroughs that will affect the world.

G20 Revisited: An Interview with Pedro Villagra

6th December 2018

As world leaders and economists take in the developments of the G20 Summit, The Essential spoke to Argentine sherpa Pedro Raúl Villagra Delgado about what the proceedings meant for Argentina in terms of international relations.

Immigration and Xenophobia in Argentina

29th November 2018

While a century ago immigrants might have arrived to Argentina on a ship from Italy or Spain, today’s newcomers are more likely to arrive on a bus from Paraguay or Bolivia. Lately, they’ve been having a hard time.

Consensus or Chaos in the G20 Communiqué?

29th November 2018

This year, for the first time in the summit’s 25-year history, leaders were unable to issue a communiqué, citing continued disagreement on cross-Pacific trade between the U.S. and China.

Divided and Unconquered: Argentina at the G20

29th November 2018

Recent coalition infighting stems from issues with the Radical Civic Union (UCR), the centrist, social-liberal political party aligned with Cambiemos in Congress. UCR representatives have recently threatened to realign themselves in opposition.

Is Argentina a Safe Country?

22nd November 2018

One week out from the G20, with national and municipal government officials already hasta las manos in summit preparations, these events begged the question: is Argentina a safe country?