Infographic: Argentina’s COVID-19 hotspots

4th June 2020

By The Essential Staff

Infographic: Argentina’s COVID-19 hotspots

Much is being said lately on the irregular spread of the COVID-19 pandemic through Argentina, with some provinces almost fully re-opened while Buenos Aires fears the rise in cases could lead to a public health collapse. The following graphs paint a fuller picture:

As the maps show, most of the country’s recent cases (data is from the last week of May) have taken place in a very small chunk of Argentine territory: Buenos Aires City and the Greater BA area, with the capital posting by far the highest number of cases per million people, followed by Southern Greater BA and other outskirts of the city, all of which have more cases than any other province bar Chaco.

The fact that the southern part of Greater BA now has more cases than the northern (and generally richer) suburbs suggests that the disease is starting to move to poorer regions, even though the relatively richer city is still in the lead.

But middle and upper class regions should not feel the worst has already passed for them: on the contrary, the latest Buenos Aires City data breakdown shows that, after thorough testing and isolation in the most affected slums of the city, duplication times are now slower in slums than in other neighborhoods. Daily total COVID-19 cases are once again higher in the rest of the city than in slums, and also growing in absolute terms, so authorities will probably think twice before announcing any easing on restrictions this weekend.

The Essential Staff

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